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ALICE Experience


As of 2021, 37% of households in the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region are struggling to afford the basics.  

That calculation includes the 55,856 households in poverty as well as another 116,305 families defined as ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed), earning above the Federal Poverty Level but less than what’s needed to survive in the modern economy. 

Often overlooked and undercounted by traditional poverty measures, ALICE can be anyone—those with low wages, little or no savings, and one emergency away from poverty.

How the ALICE Experience works 

The ALICE Experience is a simulation that sends participants through a guided group activity where they must make tough decisions ALICE families make on a daily basis. Groups are assigned to family profiles where they work together to make decisions within the limitations of their family budget while striving to achieve their financial goals. Families are presented with realistic challenges along the way.

Participants walk away with a greater understanding of our community needs and ways in which the nonprofit sector is working to fill the gaps. 

Interested in bringing ALICE to your workplace? Contact Caitlin Farnung at