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Our Work

Believing in Thriving Communities

Anchored by impact areas that empower the action of our mission—mobilizing the goodwill and resources of our community so that everyone can thrive.

Through effecting the essence of our impact areas, we aim to:

  • Address concerns or problems no one organization can solve;
  • Develop holistic, integrated solutions that address the complexities of people’s lives;
  • Bring people together to work on issues and engage them to help create meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable change; and
  • Focus on what is needed and what works for the communities across our six-county region.

The Social Determinants of Health—also likened to Engel and Romano’s Biopsychosocial Model Approach—informs us there are biological, psychological, and social factors that impact every facet of the human experience from prenatal to adulthood.

Each impact area has its distinct contributions for the goodwill within in our region; however, all impact areas collectively work together for the betterment of individuals, families, and other communities.

All communities—regardless of race or ethnicity, social class, gender identity, religious or faith-based identity, (dis)abilities, or any other identity marker—within our six-county region are our priority. There is heightened attention to ALICE. ALICE is not one person, they stand for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, and represents nearly 120,000 families in the region who live above the Federal Poverty Level, but below the cost of living. We all know ALICE—they may be a friend, relative, or a coworker.

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Ensuring Children and Youth Have Equitable Resources for Success

Children and youth—from birth to age 21—enter school ready, are successful in primary school, graduate secondary school and gain the knowledge, skills, and credentials to obtain family-sustaining employment. 

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Upwardly Mobile for a Prosperous Community  

Individuals gain great jobs, effectively manage their resources, and small businesses get support. All persons have access to the necessary tools and opportunities to increase income, build wealth, and improve financial stability. 

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Creating Pathways for Accessible Healthy Living 

Individuals and families have access to healthcare and improve their health. Families and individuals have their basic needs met, safe places to live, and social and emotional connections to positively impact their quality of life. 

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Fortifying Our Communities to Preserve Our Sustainability 

Addresses the communities’ urgent needs of today for a better tomorrow. Individuals and communities will have access to disaster relief & recovery, emergency preparedness, crisis hotline & support, and environmental stewardship & sustainability.  

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Your generosity helps fund 183 partner programs, each held to rigorous standards with a focus on community-wide measurement and outcomes. The programs and services provided by these partners help individuals and families thrive.

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Through the power of collective giving, together we can make the greatest impact for local people and our entire community.

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