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Healthy Community

Creating Pathways for Accessible Healthy Living

Individuals and families have access to healthcare and improve their health. Families and individuals have their basic needs met, safe places to live, and social and emotional connections to positively impact their quality of life.

Programs and work performed within this impact area aims to address gaps in access, opportunities, quality, and resources related to helping to meet residents’ basic needs, including food distributions, healthcare access, prenatal and maternal support, legal aid, social services, and more.

Strategies that aid the effectiveness of this impact area include:

  • Increase access to physical, mental, dental, and social services
  • Enhance physical environments to support individual and community well-being (e.g., affordable housing, community gardens, walking paths)
  • Address gaps and disparities in healthcare access and outcomes (e.g., community health workers, preventative health screenings)

Our Programs and Collective Impact Partnerships 

Livable Communities Initiative of the Monroe County Aging Alliance* is centered on ensuring Monroe County an age-friendly, livable community—health across all policies. In accordance with New York State Executive Chamber’s Executive Order 190, incorporating health across all policies “in which people are born, grow, work, live, play, and age” is critical to the overall impact on the “health and well-being of all people.” Livable Communities Initiative, Combating Aging, and Poverty are areas that cross all our impact areas and support the collaborative efforts of our organization and the Rochester Area Community Foundation and the United Way of Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes. Explore more.  

Home Visitation Program of ROC Family Teleconnects* is acutely interested in improving the health of young children by providing support and services for them and their families from their own homes. These programs reach pregnant women, expectant fathers, and parents and caregivers of children under the age of 5. 

*Collective Impact Partner is valued as a community stakeholder that creates cross-sector collaborations to deliver broadscale change. Key elements include a common agenda, a centralized infrastructure with dedicated staff, shared measurement to track progress, ongoing communication, and aligned/reinforcing activities across all partners. Collective impact efforts provide an opportunity to leverage community partnerships, existing efforts, and engage stakeholders to advance shared goals.

Your Help Matters   

Through the power of collective giving, together we can make the greatest impact for local people and our entire community. 

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