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Youth Opportunity

Ensuring Children and Youth Have Equitable Resources for Success

Children and youth—from birth to age 21—enter school ready, are successful in primary school, graduate secondary school and gain the knowledge, skills, and credentials to obtain family-sustaining employment. 

Programs and work performed within this impact area aims to address gaps in access, opportunities, quality, and resources related to transition to kindergarten, advancing academic and enrichment pursuits, student resilience and family engagement, advocacy for equitable education, and credentials essential for success in the workplace (e.g., mentoring, tutoring, skills development).  

Strategies that aid the effectiveness of this impact area include:

  • Provide individualized/group supports for students, especially those academically at-risk
  • Engage families to support development and in-school success
  • Engage families to support early childhood development
  • Partner with schools and community-based organizations to support in-school learning, whole-school, wrap-around supports
  • Enable college/university and career access; just to name a few

Our Programs and Collective Impact Partnerships 

ROC The Future Alliance* brings together a coalition of partners and parents within the Greater Rochester community working towards a shared vision of academic and social-emotional success for every child. Their focus areas—whole child initiative; high school graduation; parent leadership; and youth leadership—align with our youth opportunity impact area. Explore more. 

*Collective Impact Partner is valued as a community stakeholder that creates cross-sector collaborations to deliver broadscale change. Key elements include a common agenda, a centralized infrastructure with dedicated staff, shared measurement to track progress, ongoing communication, and aligned/reinforcing activities across all partners. Collective impact efforts provide an opportunity to leverage community partnerships, existing efforts, and engage stakeholders to advance shared goals.

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