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Financial Security

Upwardly Mobile for a Prosperous Community

Individuals gain great jobs and effectively manage their resources. All persons have access to the necessary tools and opportunities to increase income, build wealth, and improve financial stability.

Programs and work performed within this impact area aims to address gaps in access, opportunities, quality, and resources related to asset building, financial counseling, lowering costs and accessing benefits (e.g., tax credits, public benefits), and efforts to help individuals attain family-sustaining jobs that offer opportunities for advancement (e.g., job training, career readiness, workforce development).

Strategies that aid the effectiveness of this impact area include:

  • Increase access to jobs, workforce development, and career advancement opportunities
  • Provide access to financial products, services, and income supports (e.g., financial education, coaching, tax preparation, bank accounts, lines of credit)
  • Increase access to affordable housing and/or home ownership

Our Programs and Collective Impact Partnerships 

Leadership Development Programs promote the placement of African Americans, Latinos, LGBTQ+ individuals, and young professionals in board and leadership positions across the region. Each participant is given the opportunity to enhance individual and professional skills, expand connections through networking, and create authentic communities of belonging and inclusion. Graduates of these diverse programs gain the confidence, mindset, and skillset to join local community boards, take on policy-making positions, advance their professional careers, and make impactful changes in the community.  

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Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative* is a coalition of strong-willed individuals and organizations working together to tackle the systematic root causes that create and perpetuate poverty in Rochester and Monroe County. 

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MyWayfinder of TogetherNow* is a dynamic resource of human service providers across our six-county region. TogetherNow is acutely aware of the power of building a network of local organizations across all sectors and designing human-centered solutions to meet people where they are and improve lives.

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*Collective Impact Partner is valued as a community stakeholder that creates cross-sector collaborations to deliver broadscale change. Key elements include a common agenda, a centralized infrastructure with dedicated staff, shared measurement to track progress, ongoing communication, and aligned/reinforcing activities across all partners. Collective impact efforts provide an opportunity to leverage community partnerships, existing efforts, and engage stakeholders to advance shared goals. 

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Through the power of collective giving, together we can make the greatest impact for local people and our entire community. 

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