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Systems Integration is a Project of TogetherNow

In 2015, IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge study found Rochester to be “program rich but results poor.” It identified a number of changes needed to reduce poverty which included; realizing the potential of communities and neighborhoods, leveraging data for greater insight, coordinating services to optimize outcomes, and introducing preventive strategies to stop poverty before it starts.

The Systems Integration Project began its work in 2017 as a community-wide approach to create lasting change. Upon the completion of this work, we will see strengthened person-centered community programs and an integrated data system empowering individuals and their care teams to provide better and more holistic care.

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Community Collaboration

Through the Systems Integration Project, the greater Rochester community is working across a diverse network of committed providers and community members to put people at the center of care in an interconnected system of education, health, and human services. By coming together as a community, we will improve the health and economic well-being of individuals and families in Monroe County, especially those who are vulnerable and/or impacted by poverty.

About Systems Integration

(implemented through March 2024)

Creating a Future Shaped by Communities & Neighborhoods
  • People in our community are at the center of this project. Individuals and organizations are working collaboratively to build an interconnected system focusing on addressing care in a personalized way. Throughout its design and development, a diverse group of community members are actively engaged for input and problem-solving. Access is being considered not just in a digital way, but through trusted community and neighborhood sites.
Making Better Decisions by Using Community Data
  • A secure data hub will be created to help share information and coordinate care with personalized digital dashboards offering individuals and their chosen care teams a complete view of a person’s needs (360° view). This includes self-directed assessments and empowering personal connections to education, health, and human service organizations in a user-friendly system.
Coordinate Services for Better Outcomes
  • The Systems Integration Project will help improve access to needed services by creating connections for individuals and families to programs and services based on their needs. This includes housing, food, health, employment, education, and more. This is made possible by collaborating with multiple organizations to learn and improve how people in our community can better access education, health, and human services.
Introducing Preventive Strategies to Stop Poverty Before It Starts
  • When fully implemented, the Systems Integration Project will improve coordinated cross-sector interventions by working with multiple organizations to support the transition of individuals and families from crisis, to stable, to thriving. It will also help connect individuals and families who are on the brink of crisis to support services before their needs become urgent.

The overall success of the Systems Integration Project will be measured by the improved health and economic well-being of individuals and families in Monroe County, especially those who are vulnerable and/or impacted by poverty.

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Commitment to Equity

All staff and volunteers who are part of the Systems Integration Project formally and adamantly affirm their commitment to creating a reimagined system that is equitable, just, and anti-racist. Participation from community members is actively sought and project components are evaluated through a community-led Equity Review process.

Anti-Racism Declaration

TogetherNow Info Sessions

TogetherNow 101

Learn more about TogetherNow, Systems Integration, and MyWayfinder. This is a high-level overview including history, vision, goals, and implementation strategy. This training will answer the core questions: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW.

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TogetherNow 201

Have you participated in TogetherNow 101 and are now looking for more information? In this discussion, we'll provide you with the information you need to discern whether joining the TogetherNow Network is right for your organization. The session covers the requirements for joining the network and includes a demonstration of our shared information platform, MyWayfinder.

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TogetherNow Demo

In this session, you'll see the MyWayfinder system in action - from both the perspective of a Community Member who might use the system and a Service Provider who might use the system to support a Community Member accessing the services that they need.

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Cultural Priorities & Values

Staff, volunteers, and organizations connected to Systems Integration are expected to approach their work and our community with the following priorities and values: Be Transparent, Be Accountable, Be Community Focused, Be Agile, and Be Respectful and Listen. 

Early Adoption

Beginning in April 2022, the Systems Integration Project (SIP) will contract with multiple service provider organizations to adopt and implement a new, more integrated way for community members to connect and access services supported by an information-sharing platform called MyWayfinder.

Organizations that have participated in SIP activities at least two times over the last four years are currently submitting applications to be included in this early adoption phase of the project.

This is the result of many months (and sometimes years) of collaborative effort across every corner of SIP and involving thousands of individual input opportunities from community members. Throughout early adoption, SIP will learn and improve in preparation for taking the project to scale—opening it up to the entire community.

Our application process is now closed and the organizations that have qualified for this phase of work have been notified. We are currently working with these organizations to kick off Early Adoption.


With many COVID benefits ending, the need for updated information about available programs and services in our community is high.

Now is the time to make sure people have the best and most current information about programs and services in the 211/LIFE LINE Resource Directory – our community’s central resource for information on food, housing, utilities, mental health support, and more!

We're asking community benefit organizations to take the time to make sure their listing in the 211/LIFE LINE Resource Directory is up-to-date.

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Updating Your Info is EASY!

Please take a moment to review your agency's information on the 211/LIFE LIFE website.

If your page needs updating:

Claim your page by clicking on the "Is this your agency?” link towards the bottom of your organization’s listing.
Or you can submit edits by clicking on the “Is this information not accurate?” link at the bottom of each page and complete the form.

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