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Leaders United Pep Rally

Posted on Sunday, 19 March 2023

On Sunday, March 19 we hosted our Leaders United Pep Rally, bringing together our Leaders United members for a morning full of connection, mission moments, and family fun!

Thank you to all our Leaders United members for joining us, and to our generous host Horizons at Harley for the warm welcome and meaningful reminder of United Way's impact on our community.

What a refreshing, inspiring start to our 2023 campaign year!

When we come together, we accomplish more; we help more individuals and families, and we build a thriving community.

United, we achieve what no individual or organization can do alone.

We are #BetterUnited.

Leaders United is the umbrella membership for all United Way leadership donors. As a member, you have access to mission-driven experiences, leadership and career development opportunities, volunteering, and deepened communication on the impact of your investment. Based on the level of your gift, you may also qualify for one of our Leadership Giving Networks which provide more tailored opportunities based on the interests of the group.