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Community Leader Spotlight - Dr. Karen Finklea Miller

Posted on Thursday, 23 February 2023

Dr. Karen Finklea Miller, DMSc, PA-C is a Physician Associate/PA-C at Anthony L. Jordan Health Center, and an alum of AALDP! Dr. Finklea Miller dedicates both her professional and personal life to building a stronger, healthier community where everyone thrives.

Learn more about Dr. Karen Finklea Miller, DMSc, PA-C:

What inspired you to become involved with United Way?
I have met many leaders in the Greater Rochester community who are passionate about making positive changes. Many of these individuals attribute their learned leadership skills to involvement in the United Way’s Leadership Programs. In addition, I found myself impressed with the United Way’s mission of creating thriving communities. I seek to align myself with organizations whose aim is equity for all. The United Way aims to make a difference, and I could not be more honored to be involved with this organization.

How have you grown from your involvement with United Way?
I expected to learn many valuable skills in the African American Leadership Development Program (AALDP). Through the United Way’s AALDP, I gained a network of individuals with a common goal of bettering the Greater Rochester community. In addition, United Way gave me confidence as a young professional to continue learning as a board observer through Ibero-American Action League. I am thankful for the program and how they have served as a support system, both personally and professionally.

What excites you most about our community’s future?
As I am in the healthcare field, I am most excited about the many community initiatives that aim toward health equity. Historically, systemic connections between race and location have led to poor health outcomes. There has been a shift in healthcare to address implicit biases amongst healthcare professionals that have led to unnecessary and negligible deaths of black people. Although we have a way to go, the conversation has started. I look forward to how I can continue to contribute and make the Greater Rochester community one that provides opportunities for all to reach their highest health potential.